General Rules

  • Teams must have a minimum of 8 players
  • Team rosters must be finalized by 1pm on the first day of the event.
  • ALL players MUST play EVERY game title and submit a score.
  • Your location must possess at least 8 of the tournament games in dedicated form, no more than 4 titles can be emulated either via “xx in 1” or MAME cabinets. Popular titles were chosen to aid in accommodating arcades meet this criteria.
  • While you may play a game as many times as you like over the course of the tournament you are NOT ALLOWED to play any one game/credit/submission for more than 1 HOUR. If you can play a title on the settings listed, for at least 45 minutes, your game should be timed. You should alert your team captain to accommodate this 1 hour timed game. As this contest will be done via honor system, this is the responsibility of the team itself to manage the games of its participants. For example, using a kitchen timer with an alarm set to 1 hour at start of game, etc.
  • Each game has defined settings for dip switches which must be used. Game settings are provided on game list pages.


  • Players compete against members of their own team to qualify for the main competition
  • Each player earns team points on each game based on their ranking against the players on their team
  • Team points are summed and the top X players from each team qualify to represent their team in the main competition. X is equal to the number of players on the smallest team.
  • Qualifying players then earn points on each game based on their ranking against the pool of qualified players
  • Teams then sum the points of all of their qualifying players
  • Teams are then ranked based on points earned from their qualifying players